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Bookkeeping Software

Bizwize Business Solutions were established in 2010. At this time Cloud Accounting made up only 2.3% of the global cloud computing market.

By June 2013 cloud accounting apps were used by over 73% of companies, in a 2014 survey it was concluded that Australian businesses were adopting cloud accounting software faster than other countries, with 14% already managing their accounts with cloud bookkeeping software and of those not currently using the cloud for their accounting, most were looking to convert.

Many Small Businesses are still learning the advantages of cloud bookkeeping software, and every day a new application is being developed to steam line and improve business services. Bizwize can help your business understand how to utilise and integrate these tools into your business.

Some businesses are keen to make the change to Bookkeeping software but are concerned with security, technological failures or internet reliability. As these concerns are addressed, more businesses are making the shift into the new technology and at Bizwize we provide expert advice around the decision to move to bookkeeping software, where to go and how to get there.

Cloud-based technologies can not only benefit business owners by helping with their compliance obligations but it can also help in other areas like inventory management, job costing and quoting, invoice and payment collection.

Still not sure about how cloud accounting can help you? Talk to us. With experience in every possible industry, our experienced consultants can give you real-time solutions and advise that will ensure your businesses success.

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