Bookkeeping for New Businesses

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Small Business Bookkeeping for New Businesses

Save Money & Save Time -Set up your books the right way the first time.

  • Preparing your books for the accountants.
  • Preparing your BAS for the ATO
  • Help you set up small business bookkeeping software.
  • Integrating with your add-ons
  • Capitalising on cloud based accounting

How Bizwize Helps New Businesses

We sit down with you to better understand your business needs and discover the best way to leverage cloud based solutions, that will maximise the benefits of software installation. Ensuring minimal interruption to your business during development and implementation of your new business changing software.
Next we create a mutually agreed upon detailed plan, that ensures we are moving in the right direction.

Taking into account, your current and future needs the installation plan will look at what the process for installation is and what elements are completed by you and what is completed by us so we have clear set of goals and milestones that will be achieved with minimal impact on your business.

Once we all agree on the plan and have all the supporting information we can begin implementation.

A skeleton of the system is put in place to begin testing and adding your integrations.

Once we have the system ready we then provide you with specific and simple to use instructions so that you can work with your software with ease.

We provide on the go testing and training, which is always more effective than one off long sessions that leave you mind numb and non the wiser.

We let you use the system and provide constructive hints and tips that will ensure you get the most out of your news system.

Over the next three months we will review the product of our combined labour. Looking at
1. How you have processed
2. What you have processed

Giving feedback to you on training issues or making system changes that will ensure you are getting the best cloud accounting solution for growing your business.

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