Bookeeping Rescue

Bookkeeping Rescue

Remove the Confusion and Stress, take back control of your business books.

  • Overworked Office Staff?
  • Accounts person on Leave?
  • Wife has had enough?
  • Just dont have the skills?
  • Rather be working on your business than the books?

How Bizwize Bookkeeping Rescue Works

We sit down with you to better understand your business needs. A complementary Bookkeeping Health Check can help with this.

We look at what needs to be done to get you back on track and what processes we can put in place to keep you that way.

After we have established what needs to be done as part of our initial consultation we then look at what solution we can use that will get you back on track quickly.

Options may include
– New software
– Use of third party add-ons
– Administration data entry
– Upload of data to speed up process

Once we have a plan we will then give you a rough idea of how long we expect it will take and the resulting charges.

We will rescue you!

As we have a large depth of resources to draw on we can quickly get your books back into order.

Our qualified local bookkeepers are highly skilled in the art of rescues. We have extremely robust processes that we can use to get you back on track quickly.

Once we your books up to date, we want to make sure they stay that way, so we work with you to identify a solution that can include a mixture of
– Add-ons
– Ongoing Bookkeeping support
– Process for you and your staff to follow

Training in all new processes will make sure you have the power to keep your business books in line and enable more effective business planning.

Over the next three months we will review the product of our combined labour.

Looking at how you have processed and what you have processed, giving feedback to you via additional training or making system changes that will ensure you are getting the best accounting solution for growing your business.

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