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Save Money on your small business accounting with a Bizwize bookkeeper preparing your books for your Accountant.

Don’t waste your valuable time on business bookkeeping jobs.
Our qualified bookkeepers will save you time and money by :-

  • Preparing your books for the Accountant.
  • Preparing your BAS for the ATO
  • Help you set up bookkeeping software, to save you money at the accountants.
  • Online accounting software installation, setup & training.
  • Online store accounting software integration.

How Bizwize Helps Businessrs

We sit down with you to better understand your business needs and discover the best way to leverage cloud based solutions, that will maximise the benefits of software installation. Ensuring minimal interruption to your business during development and implementation of your new business changing software.
Next we create a mutually agreed upon detailed plan, that ensures we are moving in the right direction.

Taking into account, your current and future needs the installation plan will look at what the process for installation is and what elements are completed by you and what is completed by us so we have clear set of goals and milestones that will be achieved with minimal impact on your business.

Once we all agree on the plan and have all the supporting information we can begin implementation.

A skeleton of the system is put in place to begin testing and adding your integrations.

Once we have the system ready we then provide you with specific and simple to use instructions so that you can work with your easily with your software.

We provide on the go testing and training, which is always more effective than one off long sessions that leave you mind numb and non the wiser.

We let you use the system and provide constructive hints and tips that will ensure you get the most out of your new system.

Over the next three months we will review the product of our combined labour.

Looking at how you have processed and what you have processed, giving feedback to you via additional training or making system changes that will ensure you are getting the best cloud accounting solution for growing your business.

Bizwize Off-Site Bookkeeping Services

For clients whose work is done in the Bizwize office we bill in 15 minute increments (The minimum only applies when work is performed). If there is no work, we do not bill you. Here’s how it works:

First step is to get access to your Accounting Software and any supporting documents. Email communication, Dropbox access points or remote access logins can all be setup to support the off-site bookkeeping service.
Next we sit down with you to develop the roles and responsibilities. What we do, what you do, what third party providers do. Customising this to give you the best value for money service.
Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly we access and complete our work so that you have impeccable books to help make good business decisions.
We can lodge or assist in the lodgement of any legislative returns including PAYG Withholding; BAS; Insurance; Taxable Payments Annual Return; Long Service Leave Employee Contributions.

As registered BAS agents lodging your return with us gives you an extra four weeks before you quarterly BAS payment and returns are due.

Your data is made ready for your Accountant with a final end of year review.

Our unique system ensures you are giving the most up to date and accurate financials to your Accountant, giving you better return on your Accounting dollars investment, with more focus of financial planning rather than costly compliance.

Bizwize On-Site Bookkeeping Services

When we work in your office, we apply a two-hour billing minimum per site visit. For bookkeeping in your office outside of our key locations there is a four-hour minimum plus travel time for some locations.

First step is to get access to your office and your systems.

Keys, codes or cards we also coordinate with you to come at a time that suits your business needs.

Next we sit down with you to develop the roles and responsibilities. What we do, what your current staff do, what third party providers do.
We look at internal deadlines, external deadlines and system requirements, customising this to give you the best value for money service.
Weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly we come to your offices and provide you with the support you need to keep your office running and ensuring you have impeccable books and quality service fitting seamlessly into your office structure.
Regularly we will let you know how we are going.

When possible giving you advise on system improvements, areas of concern and work completed.

You will find that we become an invaluable part of your team, supporting existing staff and management to realise the business goals and supporting the corporate vision.

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